Les Pitonneux

A non-profit talent incubator for people learning to code

Who we are

We are an inclusive community for people who have been learning to code, regardless of what your background is or what you are learning.

You may have been coding for years, or just gotten started with HTML for beginners. You may be taking formal classes in school, or plugging away at a project and learning as you go.

Point is, you’re looking for a welcoming community, and you’d love to help others find their learning path.

Code & Coffee

Our community started in Montréal, where we host Coffee & Code events throughout the week at different cafés. We are based out of Notman House, where you are welcome to join us on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

We are now also hosting Coffee & Code events for our Code Hatch community in Vancouver. If you’d like to start one from where you are, get in touch!


You’ve been learning programming by yourself, using books and online courses, and you want to take it further and become more proficient in this new skill?

We run a 12-week collaborative, peer-to-peer, project-based learning program for people who are self-motivated. You’ll work in a team on a bigger project for 3 months, and get help from others in your cohort and from mentors during the weekly learning circles.

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