Judy Zhu: the new Executive Director of Les Pitonneux!

Written by Roberta Voulon, first appeared on lab8.org

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you Judy Zhu, who, apart from generally being an amazing person, is now our new Executive Director here at Les Pitonneux! She became involved as a community activator only a few months ago, working with the community and helping kickstart our new LAB8 cohort. Since then she has taken on such an important role in building the vision we have for Les Pitonneux, that it is with joyful anticipation that I now publicly announce her full-time position as Executive Director of Les Pitonneux.

Many of you have already met her, Judy has been hosting Coffee & Code and has been reaching out directly to all LAB12 alumni. She has a passion for creating meaningful communities, and as such she was previously Director of Global Community at startup Neurun, which she joined after a successful exit of her own startup Walla. She is also involved with Founder Institute here in Montréal.

Don’t hesitate to meet Judy at a Coffee & Code, or say hi 👋on the Pitonneux Slack! You can find her there as @Judyyy

Thank you Judy for all that you do!

(For those of you wondering what I’ll be up to then, not to worry: I continue to be the lead Curriculum designer for our programs and remain very much involved with the community and our upcoming LAB8 cohort.)