3 Ways you can Support under-represented coders in tech

We can help you fulfill your corporate social responsibility goals. We welcome coders of all ages, genders, ethnicities, tech stacks, and skill levels. As a result, we represent all genders (conforming and non-conforming), from 12+ nationalities, ranging from university students, career switchers, industry veterans, and everyone in between.


buy a cup of coffee for a coder

We host daily coffee and code sessions. On a typical week we host around 30 coders from all walks of life. You could help us eliminate the economic barrier of coming to a coffee shop to code by buying a coffee for a coder.


host us on a comany tour / ama panel

Our LAB8 + LAB4 programs rely on the local vibrant tech community to show participants what a day in the life of a programmer is like in Montreal.


hire with a growth mindset

We often work with members who are going through the recruitment process while diversifying their tech portfolio with projects and tech stacks. We help your company engage continuously with these applicants, so that when the timing and fit is right, they’re already in your recruitment cycle.

ready to partner?

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