Les Pitonneux is a coding community for everyone

We are an inclusive community for people who have been learning to code, regardless of what your background is or what you are learning. You may have been coding for years, or just gotten started with HTML for beginners. You may be taking formal classes in school, or plugging away at a project and learning as you go. Point is, you’re looking for a welcoming community, and you’d love to help others find their learning path.


our mission

Fill the skills gap in the Canadian job market by closing the diversity gap.


what we mean by this

Along with a growing skills gap in tech, we see a huge diversity and inclusion problem. We can't afford to be noninclusive if we want to fill the skills gap that is still growing every single year, because a programmer’s ability to write great code is about a lot more than the formal training they received.

We have two main functions

  1. Let's close the diversity gap by creating an inclusive and welcoming community that supports people from all backgrounds, tech or non-tech, who are learning tech skills.

  2. Create opportunities for employers to cross that bridge to be more open to people with unexpected and non-traditional backgrounds, and show the complete skill set a coder have to bring to the table (hint: more than just coding)

This way, we can change the tech culture from the inside out.

learn something new every day

Come to our daily “coffee & code” and free programming workshops


finish a project

Join our 8-week talent incubator, LAB8 to pair your self-directed learning with team accountability, project-based curriculum, and professional network in tech.


transition into a new job

Join our 4-week employment training incubator, LAB4 for resume review and to practice for technical interviews with professional programmers.


for employers

Hire from our talented, diverse pool of programmers who are self-directed and come from a culture of collaboration


these are our Partners in the community

Our partners make it possible to keep our workshops and community code sessions free and accessible to everyone.

Thanks for being awesome and investing in a more equal Montreal tech community!


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